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SMIK SUP offers a simple, performance-oriented range of the finest quality, high-end boards without the premium price tag. 
Out of Margaret River, but forever on the hunt, designer Scotty McKercher rips and founded SMIK as one of the only truly Australian SUP companies.
Check out SMIK's full offering via the link below - also ask us about full customs from Scotty.


Out of the Gold Coast, ONE SUP are making the best race, wave and foil boards on the planet.  Incredibly passionate about the sport, they are forever developing new designs and constructions, including the new mind-blowing range of hollow race boards.
Check out the goodness from this all Aussie team taking it global, via the link below.
And scroll down for video with Ben's explanation on the new flat water weapon Edge Pro 2.0



One of the most extensive ranges out there, NSP delivers everything from race winning boards to cruising inflatables.  We love NSP's environmental focus and have been riding their range of race boards for years.  
Go get lost in the mega range following the link below.