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The ONE crew are leading the way in SUP and prone foil boards, generating the latest designs through extensive water time - in fact do those guys even work!!!
A full range of production boards available but we can also sort out a custom board to your liking.
Check out the offerings from ONE via the link below.


If you're SUP foiling or thinking about it, then it's hard to ignore foil wings and Duotone have lead the way with their solid boom foil wing.
Have a look at what's possible with one of these weapons in this video - there's no quicker way to spend time on top of a foil than one of these.

Screen Shot 2019-10-13 at 8.43.47 pm.png


Go Foil has been there from the start of it all and are still innovating, producing the most solid and wide ranging, user friendly foils available.  The product's solid and you can't go wrong - check out the range via the link below.